Student Spotlight – Jennifer Lenghong

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Jennifer Lenghong is a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Biochemistry at UCLA. She learned about PSHP through its sister SCOPE organization, YEP, and joined during her sophomore year. In addition to balancing school work, she enjoys interacting with individuals whether they are patients of the LEND Clinic or employed by film productions. Similar to many of her peers, Jennifer entered PSHP with a variety of interests including research, medicine/health, and working with the children, youth, and young adult population. She found every job and career path fun and interesting, but was lost as to which career path to pursue. With the guidance and advice of faculty mentors and coordinators, she came across research with Dr. Jonas and Dr. Emily Hotez, and a DPH volunteer opportunity that helped her learn about the qualities she wanted in a future career.

Jennifer’s recommendation to students is to “consider research, volunteering, or any paid opportunity (and All Brains!!) when your schedule allows for it. Find the population(s) that you are interested in working with and dip your toes in the water. If you are interested in working with the neurodivergent population, don’t forget to look out for the upcoming Care Coach opportunities soon! All of your experiences are valuable and will serve you in some way. Remember that you are wanted. This is your journey. For anyone who may be feeling lost right now, take any interesting opportunities that come your way! You never really know what you’ll learn about yourself until you are placed in a new environment.