UCLA Maternal & Child Health Training Director

Associate Physician Diplomate in the Child Health Policy Program of the Department of Pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine; Faculty in the UCLA Preventive Medicine Program

Dr. Gragnani’s training as both a preventive medicine physician and pediatrician gives her unique insight into the importance of addressing lifestyle issues within the framework of a life-course perspective on health. Her training and subsequent work has included: (1) development of a lifestyle medicine group visit curriculum for UCLA adult primary care patients, (2) clinical work on group and phone smoking cessation visits, (3) work in a teaching kitchen at the West Los Angeles VA, (4) lifestyle and integrative medicine training, (6) quality improvement work on immunizations and developmental screenings in UCLA pediatric primary care offices, (7) development of an ongoing park prescription program in LA County, and (8) clinical time at the MLK, Jr. Outpatient Center Hub for children in the DCFS system.

Graduate Fellowships


Maternal & Child Health Training Program Manager

Pathways for Students into Health Professions (PSHP) Program Coordinator

Pearl Omo-sowho is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Human Biology & Society and a minor in African-American studies. Her interest in maternal and child health in women of color led her to become a member of the Pipeline program at UCLA where she worked on improving access and quality of health care for women and children in the Los Angeles area. She is also a mentor and advocate for neurodiverse students at UCLA, and has assisted in college and career guidance for neurodiverse students. She continues to work towards, and expand her knowledge on ways to reduce health care disparities for people in underrepresented communities, advocating for women and children, and the neurodiverse community at large.


UC Leadership Education in Neurodiversity Program Manager