PSHP Trainees

Pathways for Students into Health Professional (PSHP)

The UCLA Pathways for Students into Health Professions (PSHP) program aims to ensure the success of underrepresented students at UCLA who wish to pursue health-related careers.  

With a strong emphasis on maternal and child health, PSHP provides a unique and exciting curriculum for its students as well as the support and resources to optimize their ability to successfully enter graduate and professional schools. 

Directed by health professional school faculty, PSHP strives to ensure the success of students by providing relevant experience and learning opportunities, career planning, and mentoring.

Headshot of Pearl
Graduation Cap

Pearl Ogho omo-sowho

Program Coordinator, Human Biology and Society 

 Pearl is originally from Lagos, Nigeria and she immigrated to California in July, 2016. She started off at Laney community college and transferred to UCLA in the fall of 2019. She majors in Human Biology and Society with a minor in African-American studies. She hopes to go to medical school and become an obstetrics and gynecology doctor later in the future. Personal experiences in her home country increased her interests in maternal and child health. Moving to the US and seeing the high rates of maternal and child mortality particularly in women of color led her to further her goals in working to improve the quality and access to health care for underrepresented minorities. Her hobbies include acting ,as she has been in a couple of theatre productions, cooking, singing, and hiking.

Julia Archila-Ponce
Undergraduate Student, Anthropology B.S.

Julia is a 2nd-year UCLA Undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelors of the Sciences degree in Anthropology. Since joining PSHP Julia has been able to narrow down her passions, and although she is still considering a variety of careers in and out of health, she remains passionate about addressing social determinants of health. She is also excited to join the LEND Clinic as a lifestyle coach trainee this summer. Outside of school, Julia enjoys being outdoors, expanding her creative outlets, and organizes music/violin lessons for youth at her local church.

2021 Internship: UCLEND Clinic Care Coach


Angelica Castro
Undergraduate Student, Asian American Studies

Angelica is currently a 2nd year Asian American Studies major with a double minor in Global Health and Community Engagement and Social Change. She is interested in pursuing the pre-PA track and is very passionate about the disability community. She is very involved in the Pilipinx community at UCLA, serving as internal assistant director of its first year pipeline, Pilipino Recruitment and Enrichment Program (PREP). She is also involved in SCOPE Patient Health Advocates! Her hobbies include dancing, thrift upcycling, cooking, and drinking boba!

2021 Internship: Life Course Intervention Resource Network (LCIRN)

Leonides Catarino
Undergraduate Student, Biology

Leonides Catarino is a 2nd year undergraduate studying Biology at UCLA. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. He is interested in attending medical school and serving the community. He currently works as a EMT and recently will start being a LEND coach.


2021 Internship: UCLEND Clinic Care Coach

Ada Chung
Undergraduate Student, Psychobiology

Ada is a third year undergraduate at UCLA studying Political Science and minoring in Disability Studies. Her hometown is in the Bay Area. Professionally she is interested in getting involved with health/disability policy and pursuing an MD. In her free time she enjoys dancing and painting.

Richard Tirado
Undergraduate Student, Biology & Minor in Anthropology 

Richard Tirado is a 3rd-year undergraduate pursuing a degree in Biology and a minor in Anthropology. PSHP has empowered him with the necessary skills to succeed in any professional career by fostering a growth-mindset environment. He is interested in becoming a medical doctor and possibly engage in research. Richard is the Head of Communications for PSHP where he is responsible for managing the program’s internal and external communications. He is also Co0-Head of Care Coaching at the UC LEND Clinic and a student researcher at the Lazazzera Lab. Richard enjoys watching baseball and political satire.

Ashley Nkwocha
Undergraduate Student, Biology & Minor in African Studies

Ashley Nkwocha is a first year undergraduate student at UCLA where she is pursuing a degree in Biology and a minor in African Studies. Her interests in Biology stem from a young age and her passion in making sure people in all underserved communities have equal opportunities to prosper in the future. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she intends to apply to medical school and become either an OBGYN or Pediatric Dermatologist. She believes more representation of black and brown skin in medical spaces is needed and intends to be apart of that effort to change implicit biases and racial disparities in healthcare. When she is not busy with school, she enjoys roller skating and graphic designing.

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Alejandrina Lopez
Undergraduate Student, Biology

Alejandrina Lopez is a third-year undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Biology with a minor in Gender Studies. In the future, she hopes to earn an MD/MPH to become a Family Medicine Physician and serve underrepresented communities. Currently, she is involved in SCOPE Hablamos Juntos and is a mentor with Latinas Guiding Latinas. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking in the mornings, and listening to wellness podcasts.

Angel Forte
Undergraduate Student, Physiological Sciences 

Angel is from San Francisco, California. Currently, he is a Physiological Sciences major and enjoys gardening, cooking, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. In the future, he plans on going to medical school and eventually becoming an OB/GYN. Eventually, he wants to specialize in fertility to help people expand their families.

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Lance D’Antignac II

Undergraduate Student, Sociology

Lance is a  second-year, Sociology major on the pre-med track at UCLA. He plans to merge his knowledge of Sociology and medicine to create better health outcomes for marginalized sectors of society. 

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic


Angela Ramirez
Undergraduate Student, Physiological Sciences 

Angela Ramirez is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying Psychobiology at UCLA. She grew up in South Central Los Angeles and is a 1st generation college student. Angela is currently apart of PSHP where she enjoys learning about the plethora of health careers, public health topics, and faculty mentorship that the program has provided. Currently, she is pondering a career as a physician, although she is open to pursuing other possible careers in healthcare or psychology as well. In the meantime she hopes to learn more about the intersectionality between psychology and health disparities in an attempt to address the barriers to care faced by many underserved communities in Los Angeles.

2021 Internship: Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (LWC)

Angelique Hale

Undergraduate Student, Pre-Psychology

Angelique Hale is originally from South Los Angeles and is a current second year at UCLA, where she majors in Psychology and minors in Community Engagement and Social Change (CESC). Her professional goals is to ultimately complete undergrad and attend medical school. She is very passionate about working with underserved communities as her personal experience and life shaped her into the person she is today. Some of her personal interests include dancing, singing, and cooking/baking.

2021 Internship: UCLA PREP Program

Anthony Sandoval

Undergraduate Student, Psychobiology

Anthony is from Santa Ana, California. He is currently pursuing a Psychobiology major with a minor in Chicano Studies at UCLA. He hopes to attend UCI’s school of medicine in two years and eventually go on to attain a career in Pediatric Neurosurgery. Over the weekends he enjoys teaching Karate classes at the communities local youth center.

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Apsara Chopra

Undergraduate Student, Psychology

Apsara is an undergraduate student at UCLA. She aims to pursue a career in the health field. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and watching TV.

Courtney Lartigue

Undergraduate Student, Biology

Courtney Lartigue is a transfer student from Palmdale, CA pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Society and Genetics. She is expected to graduate from UCLA in 2022 and plans on attending medical school with the goal of becoming a physician in the field of Maternal and Child Health. Courtney’s goal is to give back to her community by opening a non-profit organization geared towards teaching children about sexual/reproductive health and inspiring them to pursue careers in medicine. She is currently interning at the UCLA Women’s Health Center, working on education and outreach projects for underserved, low-income women. Outside of studying, her hobbies include dancing, baking, and hanging out with her loved ones.

2021 Internship: UCLA Women’s Health Center – WHERC Student Internship

Deandra Escanuela

Undergraduate Student, Pre-Human Biology and Society + Pre-Public Affairs Double Major

Deandra Escanuela (pronouns she/her) is a second year UCLA undergrad double majoring in Pre-Human Biology and Society and Public Affairs from San Diego, CA. Her professional goals are to pursue a career in policy as well as obstetrics and gynecology to help Black and Brown mothers gain better access to maternal and child health care. Aside from health policy, Deandra is also interested in education policy, criminal justice policy, as well as civil rights. She loves people and wants to do what she can to create a better life for future generations. In her free time, Deandra enjoys reading, taking care of her plants, and singing and dancing (very badly).

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Destiny Clark

Undergraduate Student, Physiological Sciences

Destiny is a second year undergraduate at UCLA from Crenshaw, Los Angeles. She is majoring in Physiological Sciences and minoring in Public Health with a plan to pursue a Medical Degree (M.D) with a focus in Pediatrics and a Masters in Public Health (MPH). With both degrees, Destiny believes she will be able to establish a strong foundation in clinical practice and help address many of the health disparities that affect minority communities. With that in mind, Destiny hopes to treat and advise people on their health to set underrepresented individuals on the right path to becoming emotionally and physically fit for themselves and their family members. Apart from having an interest in health, she loves to write short children stories, watch foreign films, organize/plan, and run.

2021 Internship: Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (LWC)

Eric Jue

Undergraduate Student, Biology

Eric is an undergraduate student in the University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently a third year student working towards a B.S. in biology. He is originally from New York City but now lives in the Bay Area. His professional goal is to one day become a general physician because he feels that building a relationship with families are important. Eric wants to help under represented families as they are often overlooked. Other than that, Eric loves playing basketball and working out on his free time.

Giao Nguyen

Undergraduate Student, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Giao is a first year Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology major from Orange County, California. Although she is unsure about her career goals, she is passionate about health equity and supporting underserved communities. She is especially interested in health education and increasing access to basic needs. Outside of school, Giao loves to hike, cook, and thrift!

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Jennifer Lenghong

Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry

Jennifer Lenghong is a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Biochemistry at UCLA. She learned about PSHP through its sister SCOPE organization, YEP, and joined during her sophomore year. In addition to balancing school work, she enjoys interacting with individuals whether they are patients of the LEND Clinic or employed by film productions.

Lizzet Lopez
Undergraduate Student, Physiological Science Major, Public Health Minor

Lizzet is a 3rd year Physiological Science student at UCLA She grew up in Orange County, CA in a small town called Tustin. She enjoys running, painting, and upcycling her clothes during her free time. She also loves spending time with her family and friends and finds going to the beach late at night soothing. Lizzet hopes to become a primary care provider or pediatrician working at a Federally Health Qualified Center and at other hospitals/clinics located in underserved areas. She hopes to reflect cultural humility and advocacy as a physician and address health inequities throughout her life.

Yailanis Cruz
Undergraduate Student, Psychobiology

Yailanis Cruz is an undergraduate at UCLA majoring in Psychobiology with a Disability Studies minor. Her interests are centered around public health and learning about neurodevelopmental disorders. She hopes to pursue a career in occupational therapy and work pertaining to disability awareness in the future. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and creative writing.

2021 Internship: Research Program

Head shot of Jordyn

Jordyn Brooks

Undergraduate Student, Biology

Jordyn Brooks is a rising third year at UCLA where she is majoring in biology. Jordyn is passionate about health equity and working in underserved communities. In her free time, she enjoys baking, exercising, and crocheting. In the future Jordyn intends on attending nursing school in pursuit of a DNP in the field of Women’s Health or Pediatrics.

2021 Internship: MLK Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Headshot of Sydney
Graduation Cap

Sydney Huynh
Graduated, Psychobiology

Hometown: Ontario, CA

Sydney Huynh is an undergraduate student at UCLA, majoring in Psychobiology with an interest in oncology, pediatrics, and public health. Eager to learn about and gain experience in these fields, Sydney became involved in the organizations Colleges Against Cancer, Pathways for Students into Health Professions, and Patient Health Advocates. She will continue her dedication to these fields as she pursues a career in medicine.  

Interests: Writing, art, music 

Head shot of Jada
Graduation Cap

Jada Howard
Graduated, Anthropology (B.S.) with Minor in Society and Genetics

Jada is currently in her last year at UCLA looking to pursue a career as a labor and delivery nurse practitioner. Jada was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA and studied at her local community college before transferring to UCLA. As an Anthropology (B.S.) major and Society and Genetics Minor she is fascinated with all aspects of human biology and culture, specifically maternal and child health. The cross-cultural and people-oriented emphasis of the two subjects are harmonious in many ways and play a critical role in medicine. Besides her passion for maternal and child health, Jada loves to go the beach, read, travel and hang out with her friends and family. Jada is the third member of her family to attend UCLA, so this school is very near and dear to her heart. Go bruins!