Elizabeth Agredano

Elizabeth is a second-year MS student in Epidemiology from Santa Ana, CA. She received bachelor’s degrees in Geography and Geological Sciences from California State University, Fullerton. Her research interests are broadly synthetic environmental-human health problems approached from a systems perspective, and specifically, those concerning transgenerational maternal-child health mediated by social disadvantage (e.g., food insecurity and uneven environmental exposure). Her educational goal is to enter a Ph.D. program where she may combine evolutionary, epidemiological, and quantitative methods to confront health issues facing immigrant and minority families. Her career goal is to work as an analyst in the maternal-child health department of a county-level public health agency and to contribute to research that will improve intervention strategies and promote social justice. When not studying, her interests include German language acquisition, practicing cartooning and illustration, writing and reading Language poetry, discovering new music, and attempting to sing.